Natural Healers


There are many plants you can grow and common kitchen ingredients that can be used for health and healing. Here are 5 with just a few of their uses. Each one has so many more uses. I encourage you to research them further. 


Aloe Vera gel clears the skin and can be used as a facial cleanser. 

It has natural anitfungal and antibacterial properties. 

You can drink it to aid your digestion and aid healing throughout your body.

The gel can be used to cause your scalp to be dandruff free and as a hair mask. 


Did you know? Baking soda is a natural deodorant. Just rub it under your arm pits to smell fresh naturally.

Baking soda also whitens and cleans your teeth. Simply wet your toothbrush, dip it in baking soda and scrub away!

Mix baking soda with water to make a scrub for your face and scalp. It can also be used to soften your skin and feet.

A 1/4 tsp mixed with 6 ounces of water then drank helps stop heartburn and indigestion.


Garlic is antibacterial and antiseptic. It naturally detoxifies.

Garlic can be crushed and used directly on wounds to stop infection and bring healing.

It will also bring relief from coughs and colds.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used best as a tea. 

It can relieve headaches, menstrual cramps, and nausea and bloating.

Try a few slices added to soups, salads and stir fry vegetables.


Turmeric is antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It can be made into a face mask. 

It also cures acne. Heals wound. Burns toxins from the body.

It is used to treat coughs and colds.

Try it in soups and stews. Make a tea. Add it to warm milk with some ginger and honey and a dash of pepper for a nice bedtime treat.