Looking Forward to Spring

As we approach the end of winter, I look forward to the light of spring and the subsequent newness of the world around us as plants and trees begin to turn green and the air becomes warmer. I personally love coming out of winter and leaving it behind to step forth into the freshness of the beauty around me. As I go forth I shake off the heaviness of winter that I have experienced from the lack of sunlight. As the sun shines our bodies respond by making vitamin D from the sun light, thus producing feelings of well-being. I truly believe we were created to enjoy sunshine in enjoyable doses as well as fresh air. I love the fresh scent of newly growing grass and the smell of the soil as the sunshine stimulates it to create a fragrance of new birth. It is simply wonderful! I can hardly wait to begin digging in the soil with my hands, planting seeds for flowerbeds, herb gardens, and vegetable gardens. It is so delightful and refreshing to experience the outdoors and the beginnings of new life. I live in an area with mountains and lakes. There is an abundance of wild animals. In spring deer and rabbits and other small animals come out of hiding and begin to eat the tender green shoots of grass and other plants coming forth. Birds chitter and sing so cheerfully. Newness is in the air all around. There’s such a sense of freedom and well-being from casting off bulky clothes that are no longer necessary to wear to stay warm. Exchanging them for lighter wear is so very refreshing. I am excitedly anticipating the sense of freedom and release. The healing goodness of the sun’s rays on my face and arms is exhilarating. I marvel at the sheer joy of experiencing life anew. To me it is awe inspiring and beautiful. I very much relish the shift in the atmosphere. I enjoy walking or just sitting by a lake, soaking in the beauty and absorbing the ions from the water. Such glorious beauty to behold. I also love to begin travel. I rejoice to be able to move about freely without ice or snow affecting my travel. It is a time to surge forward into adventures. Visiting places and friends and family. Making new acquaintances and new friends along the way. I pray we may all be privileged to go forth in new and vitally productive ways this spring. May we most importantly prosper in our souls in new and deeper relationship to God, our creator! He truly loves us and has the best plan for us. We just must believe in complete faith and receive His love, mercy and grace that He has so willingly poured out for us. I choose to keep my eyes upon Him through it all as I enjoy life and life more abundantly by knowing Him and His goodness. Be blessed and choose to love one another today and every day!