Preparing for Winter

It was such a beautiful fall. September and October we experienced an extended, historic, season of sunshine. Temperatures were consistently in the low 70’s to mid to high 60’s. It was simply amazing. I have been so thankful to have been able to enjoy the outdoors much longer. I don’t remember any fall nicer in all the years I’ve lived in the area. I spent quite a bit of time working outdoors harvesting the veggie garden, herb garden and lastly the greenhouse. The potatoes were planted late so when I dug them up there were a lot of little potatoes and some larger ones. The little potatoes are really great for chopping up and cooking in all kinds of recipes. I do not recall a fall that harvest lasted through the first week of November. Then bam, seems like we jumped right from sunshine to snow and winter in the blink of an eye!
I had multiple projects going on that needed to be cleaned up in preparation for snow. I enjoyed organizing and putting away all the gardening and yard tools and plant pots. Then putting the yard furniture and camping gear and camp chairs away. And finally, carrying in and stacking the firewood. In addition to cleaning out the old ash from the wood stove and making sure it was ready for use when the cold came. I focused on finishing up the remodel work I have been doing on a small camp trailer. It has been a fun project. I still need to build some little shelves in an alcove in the camper, finish some trim, and complete the ceiling in the shower. This coming spring I will need to check all the propane and electrical lines making sure everything works properly, turning on the refrigerator and the stove top.
Another project I have been up to my eyeballs in was emptying and closing out a small storage unit this past summer. Much came inside and I have spent a great deal of time opening one box after another to see what was in it, decide what I was keeping, where it was going, and what to do with the excess that I was not keeping. I made a lot of progress but still have much to do. It’s challenging at times but in a good way. Each box emptied, contents sorted, the items’ destinations determined, and the subsequent disbursement achieved, leaving a large stack of empty boxes gave me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Yay!
I have been busily working indoors for the past two weeks now because it is too cold out. I had packed away summer clothes. And now fall clothes are being packed up. As well as unpacking all the winter gear. I have been busy painting and remodeling the bathroom. Currently I have one corner shelf to build in the bathroom corner. After that is completed, I will make sure everything is painted, cleaned and organized, and then that room will be finished! Seems like the busyness has been never ending.
Now to prepare for the holidays…