RX for your Skin

Skin care

Often times with our very busy lives we forget to or don’t take the time to care for our skin.

I am not talking about facial skin. Most people take care of their face. I am talking about hands, arms, legs, feet and torso. Especially in the winter when we bundle up and cover up. I know that I tend to get dry skin in the winter. Usually, I will just buy a good lotion. However, because I like natural, non chemical ingredients and I love to know how to make my own everything, I  decided to learn how to make my own all natural ingredients lotion. It is quite an adventure to delve into all the information out there in our internet connected world. Whew!

A good lotion is 70% water. There are five essential ingredients to make a good lotion. 

Oils, emulsifier, antioxidants, preservative and water. 

You can add an essential oil of your choice for fragrance. 

Here is the formula that I settled upon:

1)   Place 2/3 oz of Shea butter (or coco butter) in a heat resistant glass container. 

2)   Add 3/4 oz of Almond oil. 

3)   Add 1/3 oz of emulsifier. The emulsifier will keep your lotion from separating. 

4)   In another heat resistant container add:

      a) 5 oz of water 

      b) 1/4 oz honey or glycerin. 

5)   In a frying pan (or double boiler) add water. 

6)   Place both containers in the pan. 

7)   Heat on low for approximately 20 minutes. 

8)   Remove from heat and combine all ingredients into one container. 

9)   Use a spatula to gently stir together. 

10) Use a whisk to beginning blending continue to blend as the mixture cools and becomes      

      thickened to the right consistency for your lotion. 

11) After mixture is fully blended add pure vitamin E oil equivalent to about 1% of the lotion

     and stir in.          

12) Then add Leucidal Liquid SF, (a natural preservative), with an eye dropper. 

      Follow the manufacturer instruction on the container for the amount to use. 

13) Blend the lotion with a spatula to be sure the preservatives are well incorporated. 

14) Put the finished lotion into a container of your choosing.

 Congratulations! You have just made your own homemade all natural RX for your skin.