How to Exercise to Remove Back Bulge


Do each of the following exercises 10-12 minutes, 3 times per week, in 3 sets for the specified number of repetitions indicated below for your upper back and shoulders to remove back bulge in less than a month!

Circular Row Bend
10-12 reps

Bend knees slightly, holding your ab muscles tight.
Forward bend upper body until it is parallel with the floor.
Extend hands toward the floor.
Move arms slowly to the left bringing them up in a circular motion toward chest, over to the right, then down again.
Reverse move to the right.

Crisscross Reverse Fly
10-12 reps
Been knees slightly.
Lean upper body forward at 45 degree angle.
In front of knees, cross arms at the wrist.
Keeping wrists crossed, lift arms slowly up to shoulder level and return back down to beginning position. Repeat move with wrist crossed in opposite position.

Elbow Kiss
10-12 reps

Side raise arms to shoulder level, palms upward.
Bend elbows at 90 degree angle.
Keeping shoulders level, bring arms together, in front of chest, until forearms touch and elbows lightly kiss.
Reverse steps slowly returning to beginning position.

Push and Touch
6-8 reps
(For maximum results, while performing this exercise, keep all other body parts completely still)

Standing feet shoulder width apart, arms down to sides, palms forward.
Bring arms upward at shoulder level, palms up. Feel the burn, stop.
Raise arms above head slowly, palms facing backwards.
Bring arms back down to shoulder level, pause, lower arms to beginning position.