Best Cities For Fine Art Aficionados

Tokyo cityscape

For those who enjoy the fine arts, be it museums, galleries, theater, opera, or the orchestra, there is no shortage of culture-rich cities to visit around the globe. In fact, you may struggle to choose a travel destination because there are just so many wonderful places to choose from! Here are some of the lesser-known cities for fine art aficionados that you simply must put on your travel bucket list.

Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, is an up-and-coming cultural metropolis. Lagos’ burgeoning art community is home to The Centre for Contemporary Art and African Artists’ Foundation, drawing artists from all across Africa. Visit during the annual Lagos Photo Festival or the National Art Competition for exciting exhibitions in countless galleries around the city.

The city-state of Singapore is home to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Singapore Art Museum, and the National Gallery Singapore. Here you’ll find some of the world’s largest collections of Southeast Asian art. Walking the streets of Singapore will offer you views of countless art installments and outdoor exhibitions as well.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo has no defined art district; rather, galleries can be found scattered across the entire city. Start your journey in Roppongi, the home of the National Art Center and the Mori Art Museum. Don’t forget to visit Taito, home to the SCAI Bathhouse. The SCAI Bathhouse is Tokyo’s most prestigious art destination, housed in a 200-year-old former public bathhouse.

Brussels, Belgium
Belgium is a small European country nestled between France and The Netherlands. Brussels is home to nearly 50 museums, including the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Belgium has been home to some of the most famous artists in the world, including Jan van Eyck, Rene Magritte, Anna Boch, and so many more.

Seoul, South Korea
Yet another culturally rich metropolis, Seoul is home to one of four branches of the Lehmann Maupin art galleries. The Lehmann Maupin galleries house some of the largest contemporary art collections in the world. Don’t miss out on the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art and the National Folk Museum of Korea. Seoul is home to over 40 other museums to explore at your leisure.

Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva is home to some of the most astounding historical museums in the world. Visit the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum to explore over 150 years of humanitarian history. The Musee Ariana is housed right across the street from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and is home to over 20,000 pieces of ceramics and glassware and dedicated to kilncraft. You will find over 35 other museums across the city, as well as dozens of fine arts theaters.

Sure, The Louvre and The Met are must-see museums in major cultural hubs but getting off the beaten path and enjoying the art found in less-traveled locations offers a whole new experience. Buff up your art aficionado cred and book your next trip today!