Wooden Utensils for Cooking, 11 Pcs Acacia Wooden Spoons for Cooking, Non-stick Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set with Wooden…


【WOODEN SPOONS FOR COOKING】 The ideal wooden kitchen utensils set covers all kitchen needs from mixing to cooking, including normal wooden spatula, slotted wood spatula, slotted spoon, soup spoon, filter spoon, edible soup spoon, salad spoon, cooking spoon, pasta spoon, and cooking utensil holder, etc. All of the wooden cooking utensils set have hanging holes that can be conveniently hanging on the wall
【100% NATURAL ACACIA WOOD】 AerWo wooden utensils for cooking are made of natural acacia wood which is fine and dense and has the color of dark brown or chocolate. The structure is uniform, the strong strength, impact-resistance, corrosion-resistant. Ergonomic handle for easier handling and better reaching. Beautiful and durable wooden cooking utensils are exactly what every family needs

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