Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap – (Pack of 4) – Cotton Latex Free Compression Bandage Wrap – 4” & 6” Self-Closing…


✅ EASY-TO-USE CLOSURES – Mighty-X elastic bandages come with reliable hook-and-loop closures, providing much easier fastening than traditional bandages. They allow quick wrapping with adjustable compression and keep the bandage in place snugly for hours.
✅ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – Each elastic bandage wrap is made of premium-grade polyester, a durable, but very soft material that won’t cause irritation even with the long-term application. Excellent triple stitching prevents the tearing of the fabric and fraying at the closures—even with intense usage.
✅ 2 DIFFERENT SIZES INCLUDED – You’ll receive two 4” rolls and two 6” rolls of crepe bandage. Having more possibilities for effectively wrapping various injuries, you can get back to feeling like a boss quickly. The smaller bandage is perfect for covering smaller areas like your knees and elbows, while the larger is great for thighs or the back.