Pipette Baby Essentials Kit – Gender Neutral Baby Gift Set, Hypoallergenic, Petroleum & Fragrance Free, Natural…


Consider this your handy survival kit to get you through baby’s first few months: The Baby Essentials Kit includes all the baby care items you need for bathtime, diaper changes, bedtime baby massages, and beyond.
The fragrance-free, tear-free baby shampoo and wash gently cleanses your baby’s hair and delicate skin without drying or irritation, using extra-safe, plant-derived ingredients—and no sulfates, ever; comfort and moisturize sensitive areas with the richly hydrating, petrolatum-free baby balm, made with plant-derived jojoba esters.
The hypoallergenic, everyday baby lotion is a moisturizing superhero that gives instant, long-lasting hydration, helping to restore the natural balance of baby’s skin; to lock in more moisture, follow with the multipurpose baby oil, made with a safe and gentle blend of antioxidants; clean up messes extra-gently with water-based baby wipes, made from 100% plant-based fibers, plant-derived glycerin, and squalane to keep skin moisturized and happy.

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