NaturalSlim Metabolic Whey Protein Powder Vanilla – Low Carb, Meal Replacement Shake w/ Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acid L-Glutamine | Great Taste and Very Filling Protein Shake, 10 Serving | 17.6oz


?????????? ???? ??????????? – A nutritious alternative to speed up your metabolism that contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Our protein shake gives you the nutritional support you need to maintain general wellness while slimming down.
????? ????????? ?????????? ????? – Comes with digestive enzymes specifically prepared for this type of protein to help your body’s cells absorb protein for maximum use. The better your absorption the more you increase your metabolism.
????-????? ??? ?????????? – Metabolic Proteins make it easy to give your body what it needs, whether you’ve just completed a workout or need to maintain your momentum with a nutritious treat. It’s convenient and tastes great, so you can always have the fuel you need to achieve your goals.