[Dome Glass] Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protector, Full HD Clear 3D Curved Edge Tempered Glass [Compatible with Ultrasonic…


✔️ 4 step Installation Kit – Just clean the device, place Dome glass, remove the pin and just watch the glass being installed automatically, To prevent errors and air bubbles, highly developed install tray and UV curing light are included with purchase. Quality is reflected through commitment, so make sure you have enough time and patience to get an undeniably perfect result
✔️ Advanced Solution for Ultrasonic Fingerprint – Our liquid dispersion technology works with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, so you can keep your phone sharp to your touch, you do not have to give up the touch sensitivity for extra protection
✔️ Blue light cut feature can cut the blue light from the device keeping the screen crystal-clearly, not changing color as yellow or orange