Dealmed Alcohol Prep Pads – 200 Count Medium Size Alcohol Pads, Latex-Free Alcohol Wipes, Gamma Sterilized Wound Care…


STRONG ALCOHOL PADS – Dealmed’s single use, latex-free, Alcohol Pads are small enough to be carried in your pocket and strong enough to clean surfaces 10 seconds after application.
WIDE VARIETY OF USES – These first aid wipes are ideal for cleaning surfaces, equipment, and other devices that contact patients directly. They are great additions to first-aid kits, clinics, EMTs, trainers, and at home use medical kits, too.
INDIVIDUAL ALCOHOL WIPES – Designed with fast, effective, and quick drying technology, each prep pad is sealed in its own individually wrapped packet that provides an airtight seal and ensures cleanliness while avoiding a liquid mess.