Cell Phone Holder for Car Cup Holder, Fits 3 inch and Above Cup Holders, Doesn’t Block Cup Holder, Fits All Phones…


USE ANY CELL PHONE HANDS FREE WHILE DRIVING | Patent-pending car phone holder mount allows you to use your cell phone hands free while driving. Follow navigation apps, and keep your phone within reach so you have fingertip access to music and other phone features.
FITS IN THE CUP HOLDER AROUND YOUR CUP | Innovative phone holder for car mounts easily into most standard cup holders. Simply squeeze the sides of the base and it fits snugly against cup holder walls, leaving plenty of room for your cup or water bottle.
HOLDS PHONE VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL | Place your phone into the cell phone stand whichever way you prefer, either vertically or horizontally. Works with power cords and even holds phones with multiple types of cell phone cases. Bottom mounting can overlap in the cup holder