Baby Play Mat with Fence, Animals, and Foam Tiles. Tummy time mat, Playmat for Kids, Toddlers, Infants. Activity Center…


DESIGNER GRAY AND WHITE BABY PLAY MAT WITH MANY USES! The collapsible fence can be used for ball pits for toddlers or laid flat to make the area larger. 74.5 inches across diagonally and 57×57 inches when flat to give you a cushioning for a safe tummy time mat.
THE FENCE IS AWESOME – The fence is about 6.5″ tall and will NOT keep a very mobile crawler in. But trust us, our mat with a fence is much better than no fence. Kids love to play with stuff inside the fence and have fun moving the edges up or down and creating new areas for play.
WIPES CLEAN, SAFE AND NON TOXIC. Our foldable play mat has been lab tested and has NO harmful materials to keep infants safe. Our baby playmat is safe for all ages and includes no small pieces baby could choke on and makes a great nursery room decoration.

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