Phone Mount for Car, Long Arm Windshield Car Phone Holder Mount, Washable Suction Cup, 360 Degree Rotation, One Button…


Aluminum Gooseneck: This car phone holder mount uses high-quality aluminum gooseneck, which not only ensures the hardness of the gooseneck, but also ensures the flexibility of the gooseneck.The gooseneck is 9 inches long and can keep a proper distance between the eyes and the phone
Washable Powerful Suction Cup: The suction cup of this car phone mount can be washed with water. The advantage of this is that it can wash off the dust on the suction cup and restore the suction performance of the suction cup.
Broad Compatibility: The car phone holder can be compatible with 4.0-6.9 inch mobile phones, which includes almost all mobile phones on the market, but in the process of use, we do not recommend using thicker phone cases, you can use thinner ones phone case